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What Do We Do

We sell industrial cleaning chemical, dishwashing machines, glass washing machines, cleaning equipment and tools, healthcare products, hygiene products, consume products.

Our main customers are food service industry, hospitality, commercial laundry, healthcare, schools, and etc.

We select the most reputable and workable products to sell in the market. We sell the most competent and less problematic dishwashing machines to our customers. We select the most dependable machines because we don’t want our customers to face problems. We sell to selective customers who want less problems, eco-friendly, and easy to use machines.

Our Story

MSC stands for Multi Services Corporation and slowly changed to MSC Essentials Sdn. Bhd. by Mr. Wilson Wong. Nothing is easy in life according to Mr. Wong. But that doesn’t stop him from moving forward into business world. He knew that salary job will never be enough and that’s where he started to analyse what Sabah people needs and how he can tap into that market.

MSC Essentials Sdn. Bhd. was setup in the year 2006. Due to the nature of his job, he walks a lot in the shopping malls as he was a property manager. He found out a lot of the food service outlets aren’t fully equipped with the right kitchen equipment and tools to handle the hygiene. Not like how he used to see it when he was studying in Australia. He worked as a part-time those days and came across dishwashing machines when one of his mate brought him to the kitchen in a restaurant. He was so amazed with the machine and how it helped in cleaning the dishes. It was very fast and clean.

Our Mission

Our Company’s mission is to bring the current hygiene standard in Sabah to another level. The food service industry always find that it is a huge cost to invest into a dishwashing machine in their kitchen. But somehow they find it acceptable to invest a laundry washing machine acceptable in every house. We are here to change the mentality. We even explain and give rental program to our customers how a dishwashing machine can help them in building a better brand for their company. We give them the idea, how they can grow from one outlet to many outlets.

Beside from dishwashing machine, we also provide solution to customer on our greasetrap maintenance chemical, oily floor surface, teach them the right chemical for the right usage. Providing them on-loan dispensing system to dilute their cleaning chemical to prevent from manual pouring. All of these come to cost saving to our customers. We guide our customers and bring them to another level so they will feel why we are so different from the other suppliers.

Our Vision

Our vision in starting the company was to offer the right products and services that met our goals of solving customers’ problems, in the hope of that the customers will continuously have trust in us. When they have the trust in us, they will spread our names to the others and that is where the power of words come. From time to time, we will monitor and follow the current trend of the market. For example, may customers can buy from us online through our social media under Facebook under https://www.facebook.com/mscessentials .

Our Future

In the near future, we are poised to setup a assemble factory for dishwashing machine in Kota Kinabalu to bring the cost lower in Sabah so that every food service industry can afford to own or rent a dishwashing machine. So that they can provide a higher-level hygiene standard in their outlet or restaurant.

Our Location

MSC Essentials Sdn. Bhd. is based Kolombong, in the bustling industrial area. It is a private limited company wholly owned by Wilson Wong and Andrina Hue, who originally met in Australia during their university studies and reunited years later, after both had managed other highly successful businesses.